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i really hate people who think that “freedom of speech” means “i can be as rude and insulting as i want and you’re not allowed to get mad”

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The Machine To Be Another - Gender Swap

Art + tech experiment where particpants view themselves in the body of their opposite sex using a camera mounted Oculus Rift each - video embedded below [features nudity]:

Gender Swap is an experiment that uses system as a platform for embodiment experience (a neuroscience technique in which users can feell themselves like if they were in a different body). In order to create the brain ilusion we use the immersive Head Mounted Display Oculus Rift, and first-person cameras. To create this perception, both users have to syncronize their movements. If one does not correspond to the movement of the other, the embodiment experience does not work. It means that both users have to constantly agree on every movement they make. Through out this experiment, we aim to investigate issues like Gender Identity, Queer Theory, feminist technoscience, Intimacy and Mutual Respect.

You can find out more about the Machine to be Another project here

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Let me tell you a story:

  • non-disabled people: I've never met you before; can you have sex?
  • non-disabled people: But how do you have sex? Will you draw me a diagram?
  • non-disabled people: Wow you're so gross and unusual, I think I'll post your picture on facebook without your permission, and people will admire me for being a Good Person
  • non-disabled people: Here, let me touch you and violate your personal space without permission.
  • non-disabled people: Do you need help? No? Ok let me help you.
  • non-disabled people: Differently Abled
  • non-disabled people: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude"
  • non-disabled people: I'm taking disability studies this year. Let me tell you all about disability, and how you should feel about it.
  • non-disabled people: Disabled people should not want to have sex, because it offends me on a personal level and I believe that I have the right to dictate what other people do with their lives.
  • non-disabled people: But I have a disabled friend
  • non-disabled people: But I have a disabled child (...that I'm probably abusing)
  • non-disabled people: Disabled people are not productive members of society; they don't have a right to live.
  • non-disabled people: I broke my foot once, I understand.
  • non-disabled people: If I were you, I would want to be dead. You're so inspiring.
  • non-disabled people: Why are you so angry all the time?
  • non-disabled people: Why do you have a crowbar?



Kittens bust biphobia myths.

These are pretty basic, but hey, I still hear ‘em.  So there you go.

can we all agree kittens make everything better

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